Tonya Intawongsa

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Name: Tonya (Totsaporn) Intawongsa

Hometown: Suratthani, Thailand

Official TOWES job title: Production Assistant / Test Marker

What your job title really means: Helping to catch up and stay on track with data entry, scoring, shredding, filling orders, scanning, filing etc.

Proudest TOWES moment: My journey with TOWES began as a work study student in the Corporate Readiness Training Program (CRTP) in Bow Valley College. There are many wonderful things that I could say about CRTP. The program is focused on the job market and makes the best of my job experience from my country. My proudest TOWES moment was getting hired. I am proud to have overcome the challenges of entering the Canadian workplace, and happy to be working at Bow Valley College.

What do you do outside of 9-5? In my free time I enjoy studying English and Canadian history. I like to travel and would like to see more of Canada when I get a chance.

If we could relocate TOWES anywhere, where should we go? Somewhere on an island in Asia, maybe a beach in Thailand where you can relax and organize your thoughts.

Favourite sports team? I don't follow sports but I go to Zumba regularly.

Do you have any strange collections? I keep a collection of Barbie dolls and small potted plants and flowers. Is it crazy that I like to display them together?

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? I would like to speak English in a Canadian accent.


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