Essential Skills Direct

TOWES Essential Skills Direct (ESD) is a paper-based essential skills curriculum that teaches strategies for reading text, document use and numeracy using integrated lessons, activities and practice assessments. Curriculum content is sector specific and reflects the type of tasks workers encounter on the job.


  • Three to four activity sets (Learner workbooks) to provide individuals with the opportunity to apply their skills while completing a series of typical on-the-job activities.
  • 18 skill builders (Short, interactive movies) to teach basic foundational strategies for using essential skills within the workplace.
  • Practice assessments to give learners the ability to measure progress.
  • Flexibility as learners may work through the materials independently or in a blended environment with the support of a facilitator (Instructor Guide). Essential Skills Direct (ESD) contains approximately 20 hours of content.

ESD Overview


Instructor Guides and Learner Workbooks are available for the following occupations and industries:

  • Essential Skills Direct (ESD) - Automotive
  • Essential Skills Direct (ESD) - Trades (Entrance to Apprenticeship)
  • Essential Skills Direct (ESD) - Health
  • Essential Skills Direct (ESD) - Petroleum (Oil and Gas)
  • Essential Skills Direct (ESD) - Practical Nurse


Essential Skills Direct (ESD) is best suited for Level 2 and Level 3 learners who are engaged in technical training or preparing for work. All curriculum content is occupation and industry specific.


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