Tribal tools are effective and efficient solutions for English language development. These web-based learning resources will help second language speakers become confident and competent communicators in a professional context.


Tribal Effective Bus Com Tribal Pronunciation

Tribal Effective Business Communication

Effective Business Communication focuses on both written and spoken communication for intermediate to advanced level learners. It provides practical advice and interactive activities on vocabulary, grammar, style, comprehension, speaking and writing, all tailored to the use of English in a professional context.


  • Effective communication
  • Adapting your language and style for business
  • Written business communication
  • Effective business presentation

Learners can also practice pronunciation and speaking skills using the innovative sound chart and voice recording tools, and can develop a range of contextualized vocabulary.


Effective and confident communication is crucial in any professional context.  TRIBAL Business Communication is relevant to employers with second language speakers in their workforce, instructors and trainers who are preparing learners for work, or individuals who would like to enhance their language proficiency.


Tribal Pronunciation Skills

Even with a good knowledge of English language, many people still have problems understanding spoken English and being understood when they speak English.  The web-based Pronunciation Skills tool is designed to improve skills with English language speaking.


  • Recognition and practice of individual vowel and consonant sounds to word and sentence stress, intonation and active practice of sounds in context
  • A comprehensive, audio-enabled glossary
  • A thorough and immersive learning environment in which learners can practice in the cultural and linguistic contexts where communication takes place
  • Assessment tools that provide each student with individualized feedback and personal learning


Tribal Pronunciation Skills is suited to employers with second language speakers in their workforce, instructors and trainers who wish to improve the English language skills of their learners, or individuals who would like to enhance the clarity and proficiency with spoken English.


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