Literacy & Essential Skills Resources

To learn more about literacy and essential skills, visit some of the sites listed below for more information:

Measure Up!

Measure Up! is a place to test your skills! It gives users the opportunity to practice three essential skills needed in all types of occupations:

  • Reading is connected text of the sort typically found in manuals, training material, product information and regulations.
  • Document Use refers to the reading of materials in information displays such as maps, forms, schedules, diagrams, and catalogues.
  • Numeracy is the use of arithmetic with numbers found in text and documents.

Essential Skills

Through extensive research, the Government of Canada, along with other national and international agencies, has identified and validated key literacy and essential skills. These skills are used in nearly every job and throughout daily life in different ways and at varying levels of complexity. Visit the Government of Canada's site to access various essential skills and literacy tools, multi-media presentations, assessments, definitions and much more.

Working in Canada

Working in Canada is the Government of Canada's leading source for jobs and labour market information. It offers users free occupational and career information such as job opportunities, educational requirements, main duties, wage rates and salaries, current employment trends, and outlooks. The site can help people search for work, make career decisions, see what jobs will be in demand, and much more. Employers can also  advertise jobs for free.

Working in Canada also hosts the newly updated short-form Essential Skills Profiles. The Essential Skills Profiles outline the skill level requirements in each of the 9 essential skills for hundreds of occupations in Canada.



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