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TOWES is best known for assessing literacy and essential skills, but we are also committed to improving them! We offer a suite of materials and tools that will meet your diverse workplace and educational training needs.


Our most comprehensive paper-based literacy and essential skills curriculum for reading, document use and numeracy. Lessons and activities include materials from a variety of Canadian frontline occupations.

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A Day on the Job

Targeted toward apprentices and pre-apprentices, this paper-based literacy and essential skills curriculum teaches reading, document use and numeracy skills needed for successful training and employment in industrial trades.

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A paper-based instructional resource based upon the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) framework. On Target! allows ESL practitioners to informally assess reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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SWLL Skills for Working, Learning and Living (SWLL) is a series of personal development activities for adult learners. Activities are designed to improve the basic workplace and life skills that are important for learning and labour market success. Learn More
In Focus A paper-based curriculum and self-assessment that introduces learners to the foundational skills needed for work, education and everyday life with special focus on personal and professional development. Learn More








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What learning tool is best for you? Check out our product comparison chart to make an informed decision based on your individual training requirements.

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