Practice Your Skills


Curious to see how your skills stack up?

Measure Up! is a great place to practice your skills. See how your skills match up against over 200 occupations; practice your skills prior to applying for a job or writing a formal TOWES assessment; or explore various careers and see how they correlate to literacy and essential skills levels.

Users have the opportunity to practice three literacy and essential skills needed in all occupations:

  • Reading text activities typically found in manuals, training material, product information and regulations.
  • Document Use activities related to reading materials in information displays such as maps, forms, schedules, diagrams, and catalogues.
  • Numeracy activities include using arithmetic with numbers found in text and documents.

Click here to visit Measure Up!


TOWES Sample Questions

Become familiar with the TOWES assessments by trying some TOWES Sample Problem Sets.

Click here to try some TOWES questions.



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