Case Studies

At TOWES, we've worked with several organizations to assess, benchmark and improve literacy and essential skills in the workplace. Read our case studies to see how other organizations are benefiting from TOWES.



Profile: Technological solutions for nuclear power generation and electricity transmission and distribution.

Summary: In an effort to help improve the essential skills of employees, AREVA used TOWES assessments to assist GED participants and apprentices in preparing for exams and technical training. Test takers whose scores indicated a need for intervention were offered assistance and support. Since then, all of the AREVA apprentices who have taken technical training have passed their exams. Click here to read more.



Profile: World's largest aerospace company

Summary: When Boeing Winnipeg hired a wave of new employees to gear up for the production of the 787, it added TOWES assessments tailored for the aerospace industry. TOWES replace the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) as a screening tool as it was deemed a more practical tool directly related to skills on the job. Click here to read more.


Canadian Home Builder's Association - Saskatchewan

Profile: Association for Saskatchewan's residential builders

Summary: The association needed to attract workers from multiple sources. They developed programs to help marginalized and under-represented populations re-enter the labour market. The Skill Build program was established providing basic essential skills and pre-employment training. Skill Build participants used TOWES to benchmark their current skills. The results were used to develop specific learning programs to address shortcomings and goals. Click here to read more.


Canadian Steel Trade and Employment Congress (CSTEC)

Profile: Association of steel industry

Summary: Over the last decade, a rapid increase in the use of technology has led to higher workplace skill requirements, particularly among trades' occupations. CSTEC became aware of this transformation and identified the need to train workers to help ensure they are able to adapt to these ongoing changes in the workplace. TOWES was used to assess the baseline of workers in preparation for further training and development. Click here to read more.


Forest Products Company

Profile: Unnamed company active in Canadian forestry industry

Summary: Finding their employees low in required skills, the company needed to take action. After exploration of the TOWES assessments and some test trials, the company worked with TOWES to build an assessment and training program designed to increase reading and document use scores-the two essential skills areas that were found weak in their preliminary testing. Click here to read more.


Kahkewistahaw Gas

Profile: First Nations run gas and convenience store

Summary: Seventeen new hires attended a seven-week program at Bow Valley College where they benchmarked their essential skills using a TOWES assessment. When the results were in, employees did better than they expected. Motivated to learn, employees used BVC resources and the Measure Up website to increased their essential skills scores, often by one or two full levels. Click here to read more.


Marine Atlantic Inc.

Profile: Federal Crown Corporation that operates ferries

Summary: With safety as their number one priority, Marine Atlantic employees must meet certain qualifications and be certified prior to working in the engine room or deck department. Marine Atlantic used TOWES assessments to ensure that employees had the essential skills necessary to develop the required knowledge to make the desired moves prior to them being considered. Click here to read more.



Profile: Institute of Technology

Summary: The effectiveness of essential skills approaches in improving completion rates of first year apprentices was demonstrated through two research projects conducted by the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). Click here to read more.


Ontario Northland

Profile: Provide rail and motor coach services for passengers and freight

Summary: Finding themselves in need of 100 new employees to complete a new project, Ontario Northland chose TOWES as a screening tool for potential new hires. As properly skilled employees were in demand, the company found themselves hiring people without a railway background. TOWES helped ensure these potential hires had skills that would transfer into the railway environment. Click here to read more.


Service Cuisine G.P. Inc.

Profile: Leader in the food preparation industry

Summary: The company participated in a national project on essential skills, aimed to support businesses looking to integrate essential skills into their workplace. The program helped Service Cuisine create appropriate profiles for positions and identify the essential skills required for new hires coming in to those roles. Subsequently, they created an evaluation to test all new hires to see how they measured against established requirements. Click here to read more.


Standard Aero

Profile: Maintains, repairs and overhauls turbine engines for customers in the global aerospace, defense and energy industries.

Summary: Document use is critical at Standard Aero, so the company launched a research project to assess the essential skills levels of production workers worldwide. Select employees took a TOWES assessment customized for the aerospace industry with interesting results. Click here to read more.


Vermillion Energy/YWCA of Calgary

Profile: Skills Training Centre

Summary: With applicants of various ages and ethnicities and no standard education or experience required for application, it was important for the Training Centre to somehow determine each applicant's suitability for the training program. The Vermilion Energy/YWCA Skills Training Centre implemented TOWES testing during the application process for new apprentices; results provided the Centre with insight into the applicants' foundational skill set. Click here to read more.


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