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What is TOWES?


TOWES – The Test of Workplace Essential Skills is Canada’s premier literacy and essential skills assessment. Over 120,000 people have used TOWES on their pathways to success in education, employment and life.


TOWES is a nationally recognized suite of assessment and training products that use authentic Canadian work and life content to assess and improve critical skills for success in working, learning and life.  Our tools accurately measure and build reading, document use and numeracy skills – competencies that are closely linked to productivity, safety, accuracy and ability to learn technical skills.  Learn about TOWES here.




Educators and trainers…

Employees, students and job seekers…

…can identify and develop workers’ skills to safely prepare them for a wide range of jobs. …can pinpoint areas of strength and weakness to develop focused and targeted intervention strategies. …can make better informed career and education decisions by identifying and developing their skills.


Learn how TOWES products and services can help you.

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