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Essential Skills for TOWES are short self-directed resource modules designed to introduce, teach and practice key skills for information processing. The ability to efficiently process information is an essential skill that supports success at work, at home and at school.

Each module consists of a series of workbooks. The workbooks are meant to guide learners in a step-by-step method to attaining the stated learning outcome listed on the first page. Each learner workbook will take the learner about 2 hours to complete.

Print the workbook out and write notes in the margins. Fill in the learning activities using a pencil to allow for mistakes and brainstorming during your learning process. You may choose to complete the workbooks on your own, but it may be helpful to locate a mentor or trusted friend or advisor to give you feedback on your completed learning activities for each unit.

General Steps

You are on your way to learning basic but essential goal planning and research skills in a step-by-step format that is fun and relevant.

Good luck with your studies!

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This project/resource was funded by the Alberta Open Educational Resources (ABOER) Initiative, which is made possible through an investment from the Alberta government.



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