Results Reports

TOWES measures and reports valid and reliable literacy & essential skills scores following the same measurement framework used in IALS (International Adult Literacy Survey).

TOWES results are generated upon completion of an assessment. Results reports provide level scores (1-5) and scale scores (0-500) for each domain (skill) measured.

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Results reports also provide clients with examples of their current skills and suggestions for skills to build on. Some reports include a list of occupations that match the client's current skills, or occupations that are one skill level above. Some reports also include recommended instructional activities for improving skill.

Results reports are generated for each individual along with a report specifically for the administrator detailing the results of the entire group.

TOWES offers a variety of reporting options to meet the needs of clients, employers and test takers. Custom reports may also be generated for a specific group or client to highlight certain skill requirements or specific occupational profiles.

On July 1, TOWES began to release new and improved Score Reports.

The Score Reports contain the same detailed information as the previous reports, with an updated look and feel. In addition to this, we have new individual report types available for clients to choose from.

Click below to view a breakdown summary of the new reports, as well as links included to a comparison chart of the new report types available and samples of each report type.

NEW Sample Reports Handout

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