A Day on the Job

A Day on the Job is a paper-based essential skills curriculum that teaches reading text, document use and numeracy skills needed for successful training and employment in industrial trades. The content helps apprentices and pre-apprentices acquire and expand the skills they need for technical training and success at work.


  • Comprehensive activity sets that replicate typical tasks a worker would be required to complete on the job.
  • Skill builders that reinforce the basic competencies needed for work, such as, measuring and estimating, calculating area and perimeter, and using charts and graphs.
  • Flexibility, activities may be completed independently by a learner, or used by trades instructors in the classroom. Approximately 30 hours of content is included.


Instructor Guides and Learner Workbooks are available for the following occupations and industries:

Day Job Overview


A Day on the Job is best suited to learners with skills at Level 2 or Level 3. All curriculum content is trade specific and is designed as supplementary material for pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training.


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