Literacy, Essential Skills and TOWES Administrator Training and Certification

Literacy, Essential Skills and TOWES Training and Certification is intended for individuals who wish to use and administer TOWES within their organization.   Participants will learn about the literacy and essential skills framework, understand how to administer TOWES to clients and use assessment results in various applications such as recruitment, selection, training or skills development programs.  These interactive, hands-on sessions include:

  • Introduction to adult literacy and the 9 workplace essential skills
  • Complexity levels associated with the essential skills
  • Overview of the Essential Skills Profiles and the National Occupational Classification System
  • Understanding of the outcomes of skill gaps
  • An overview of TOWES
  • Understanding and interpreting TOWES results
  • Using TOWES in employment and training
  • Administrator training and certification

We recognize that each of our clients is unique.  Prior to your session, a TOWES facilitator will contact you to discuss your individual learning needs.  The workshop content will be catered to ensure you gain the most from session.

Sessions are delivered face-to-face by an experienced TOWES practitioner.



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